28 hour sour

Our signature white sourdough, made using a blend
of flours for the best flavour and nourishment.

20% rye

A sourdough loaf made with 20% rye flour and kibbled
rye giving a subtle but distinctive earthy Rye flavour
without the density of a 100% rye.

5 seed sour

Sourdough made with a higher percentage of wholemeal than
our 24 hour sour and a blend of 5 seeds added to the dough
with the same seeds creating a seedy crust.

Oat Porridge

Thurs, Fri, Sat Only

Sourdough with cooked oat porridge added to the dough giving
a moist, creamy texture and flavour. Our personal favourite.

100% Rye

A 100% rye loaf with added kibbled rye and packed full
of our 5 seed blend.

Weekly seasonal special
(Saturdays only)

We make something we fancy making that week, this loaf
showcases the best seasonal, organic ingredients





The classic all butter
croissant, made over a 4 day process.

Pain au Chocolat

Made using our croissant dough with
2 dark chocolate batons.

Pain aux raisins

Made using our croissant dough with
crème pâtissière and tea soaked raisins.

Cinnamon Morning Bun

A fluffy laminated broiche with cinnamon layers
and coated in cinnamon sugar after baking.

Seasonal Fruit Danish

Made using our croissant dough with a crème pâtissière
or Frangipane centre and topped with seasonal fruit.

Cruffin (Flavour changes weekly)


Croissant dough, rolled up and baked in muffin tins,
then filled with a flavoured pastry cream or curd.